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South American National Oil Company Purchases Multiple Voraxial® Separators


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Nov. 17, 2010
Enviro Voraxial Technology, Inc. (EVTN) announced today that the Company received an order to supply a 25,000 barrel per day Voraxial® 4000 Separator System to a South American National Oil Company.  The South American National Oil Company currently processes several hundred thousand barrels of wastewater per day and this initial sale opens up the potential of multiple repeat orders over the next several years.  This System will be shipped in first quarter 2011.

The Voraxial® 4000 Separator System is a parallel flow, automated system comprised of three Voraxial® Separators (two Voraxial® 4000 models and one Voraxial® 2000 model), turbidity meters, flow meters and analyzers.  The Voraxial® 2000 Separator is utilized to further concentrate the solids after the primary separation.  The System will be installed at the customer's wastewater plant to separate the solids (sand) from the water stream so that the customer can meet the required specifications to re-inject the water used in water floods.  The Voraxial® was selected for its many benefits including efficient separation without requiring a pressure drop, ease of installation and operation, and its economical benefits – specifically cost savings from the acquisition, installation and maintenance of the equipment.

Since the Voraxial® is compact, complete turnkey systems can be supplied to treat a variety of fluid streams to reduce the customers treatment cost and increase the separation efficiency. The Voraxial® Separator provides a cost effective method to efficiently separate large volumes of solids and liquids with different specific gravities. Without creating a pressure loss, the Voraxial® provides for quality separation while decreasing the amount of space, energy and weight to conduct the separation - all of which are precious commodities in a variety of markets. EVTN continues to pursue the oil & gas industry but is also receiving request for proposals from other industries such as mining, manufacturing and oil spill industries.    

"This is a very significant order for EVTN," stated John A. DiBella, COO of EVTN. "We are seeing an increase in customer inquiries, especially from the oil and gas industry which is translating into more deployments and installations. This customer has already expressed interest to use the Voraxial at its other production facilities which are having similar issues."


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submersible skimmer in water for BP's trials with EVTN
Pictured above - EVTN's patented Submersible Voraxial® Separator from the BP gulf clean-up trials. Brief video here.

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