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Oil Spill Cleanup with the Submersible Voraxial® Separator Technology




Submersible Voraxial - Side View of the 8000 built for the Wendy Schmidt Oil Spill Cleanup XChallenge

Submersible Voraxial® 8000

The Submersible Voraxial® 8000 Separator (above) is compact, lightweight and capable of processing up to 7,000,000 gallons of oil/water mixture per day (a rate of 5,000 gallons per minute). It can operate at various ocean depths allowing the operator more flexibility to treat various types of spills such as oil that resides on the surface or oil that is being released on the ocean floor.

By conducting the separation in the ocean, the vessels can skim the spilled oil 10 times longer since the amount of collected clean water in the holding tanks is reduced by 90%. The collected oil is discharged into a holding tank while the clean water remains in the ocean.

This new technology enables any fleet of vessels to process significantly larger volumes of skimmed oil/water mixture, collect more oil, capture a higher concentration of oil, remain in operation longer and skim at faster forward speeds.

The Voraxial® can also be secured onboard

the vessel to achieve the same flow rate efficiency.  Similar to other auxiliary equipment on vessels such as firefighting hoses, the small footprint of the Voraxial® easily installs on supply vessels or tug boats, without interfering with the main function of the vessel.

Since the Voraxial® 8000 is not much wider than an eight inch pipe, multiple Voraxial® 8000 models, each capable of processing 7,000,000 gallons of oily water per day, can be easily retrofitted on an average size supply vessel or tug boat.  By installing the high volume, compact units on supply vessels or tug boats, an average size vessel can quickly convert to a high volume oil spill recovery vessel.  Only 30 such supply boats each equipped with two units of the Voraxial® 8000 Separators would be able to process more than 9.5 million barrels per day (400,000,000 gallons per day)..

Smaller, shallow draft vessels can also be equipped with a high volume Voraxial® Separator for oil spills in difficult areas such as estuaries and rivers and to provide high maneuverability in harbors and congested locations.

Video of The Submersible Voraxial® here


The Submersible Voraxial for Oil Spill CleanupBecause of its superior separation capabilities a patented Submersible Voraxial® was specifically designed for oil spills. We have demonstrated that the Voraxial® Separator is the best solution worldwide to clean up oily water in the Gulf or any other oil spill.

Slide show of the Submersible Voraxial
and brief Video of the Submersible Voraxial® 4000

Letters of Endorsement for our Oil Water Separator Technology


Enviro Voraxial Technology invited to Shell Technology Ventures



A Submerged Oil Recovery System

The Voraxial® is integrated into 2nd and 3rd separation phases of a "multi-year project to develop a complete technology approach for recovery of spills of submerged oils."
The U.S. Coast Guard R&D Center is on the Review Team here

Voraxial USA was finalist in Wendy Schmidt Oil Cleanup X CHALLENGE.

team voraxial at xprizeThe model 8000 pictured here. was entered into the X Challenge as one of only ten finalists chosen from over 350 entries. EVTN's Team Voraxial® will ran tests at OHMSETT for the oil spill cleanup technology challenge. X Challengeand Team Voraxial.

The Voraxial® Model 8000 pictured here was entered into the X Challenge as one of only ten finalists chosen from over 350 entries.  EVTN's Team Voraxial® ran tests at OHMSETT for the oil spill cleanup technology challenge.  X Challenge and Team Voraxial®.

EVTN vVoraxial<br />
 Awarded in Oman EVTN wins GREEN INNOVATION AWARD Against Spillage In Oman

Al Abrar Petrogas has introduced Voraxial® Technology as an innovative solution for recovering oil from oil spills and produced water used by oil producing companies. The use of ...more

The Voraxial Separator 10x more effective than current technology

Click here to view comparison between an entire fleet of skimming vessels versus 20 Voraxial® 4000's

The charts demonstrate how the use of the Voraxial® Separator can be 10x more effective for removing oil than current oil/water cleanup methods in the Gulf coast.

Enviro Voraxial Technology, along with its Voraxial® 4000 Submerged Separator unit, qualified in trials with BP as part of the Rapid Attack Team (RAT) in 2010. 

RAT Pack is a fleet of local commercial, shallow draft nimble and fast moving vessels operating under the Vessels of Opportunity program. This same submersible concept was used in the X Challenge