voraxial oil water separator cleans wastewater better than hydrocyclone with vortex technology

  • Wastewater Treatment  Separator by Voraxial® <br />
		wastewater treatment separator with vortex technology on offshore oil rig preferred over hydrocyclone Wastewater Treatment Separator by Voraxial®
    Outperforms the Hydrocyclone in
    Oil Separation
    Wastewater Treatment
    Sludge Dewatering

    and more.

  • Voraxial® Features wastewater treatment vortex separator vs. hydrocyclone for clean pure water Voraxial® Features Non-Clogging
    Low Shear
    High "G" Force
    High Volume
  • Small Foot Print vortex separator better than hydrocyclone for wastewater treatment Small Foot Print Compact
    Low Shear
    Multiple Industry Uses
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Voraxial® Separator vs. Hydrocyclone, Centrifuge

The Voraxial® Separator is superior to hydrocyclones and centrifuges and outperforms both in key oil/water separator applications.

A hydrocyclone's inherent limitation is its requirement for a pressure drop to conduct separation. There is no pressure drop with the Voraxial®.

Further, a hydrocyclone cannot perform 3-way separation. In order to accomplish this with hydrocyclone or centrifuge-type units, two separate units are required - one hydrocyclone for solids removal and another for oil removal.

A single Voraxial®, with its patented vortex separation, however, can easily and efficiently achieve 3-way separation in one single pass.  

wastewater treatment separator

Multiple Industry Uses

produced water separation applications of the Voraxial

wastewater treatment with vortex system superior to hydrocyclone (1) The dark line is the concentrated fluid stream of oil

(2) Surrounding the oil stream is the clear concentrated fluid stream of water. If solids were present in the fluid stream they would be spun, to the outermost exterior of the fluid stream.








Voraxial® Wastewater Treatment Separator

Oil/Water Separator – Oil/Water/Sand Separation
Multiple Uses

Efficient, high volume separator-technology for liquid/liquid, solid/liquid, solid/liquid/liquid or gas. The Voraxial® Separator's wastewater treatment process with vortex separation is proven to be a return on investment, on average, in 12 months.

No Pressure Drop

The Voraxial® is a unique, patented, in-line, separator that provides a cost effective method to efficiently separate large volumes of solids, liquids and gases of different specific gravities and without the need of a pressure drop.

Small Foot Print

The Voraxial® provides highly efficient separation in wastewater treatment of all types while requiring less space, energy and weight than conventional separators processing the same volume.

Ease of Use

The Voraxial® can efficiently handle fluctuations in flow rate and oil concentrations without any adjustments, allowing for ease of installation and operation in use at wastewater treatment plants, oil rigs or food processing facilities. There is only one moving part on the Voraxial®, allowing for very little costly downtime in the event of maintenance or repair.

High Volume/Energy Efficient

Superior separation is achieved in real-time, and in much greater volumes, with a more compact and energy efficient machine than any product on the market today.

High Volume Separator
Scalable Voraxial® Models

1000 Separator – 1-5 GPM
2000 Separator – 20-60 GPM
4000 Separator – 100-500 GPM
8000 Separator – 1000-5000 GPM

Separates 3 Components Simultaneously

  • Oil/water separation
  • Solid/liquid separation
  • Solid/liquid/liquid separation

Additional Wastewater Treatment Benefits with the Voraxial® Separator

  • Treats even slugging flows.
  • High performance vortex separation over a wide concentration range with no adjusting necessary.
  • Operates with low or high inlet pressure.
  • Low shear impeller – oils are not emulsified.
  • Non-clogging – open impeller.
  • Variable speeds to optimize separation.















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